Classic Gin & Tonic


100ml Gin by Prohibition Liquor Co and 2 x 180ml Strangelove No 8 Indian tonic

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1 x Gin by Prohibition Liquor Co (100ml) – “Our unique flavour story starts with wormwood, a banned substance in prohibition era, better known for creating absinthe. This with a tinge of blood… Blood orange and ruby red grapefruit delivers a fresh citrus edge, taking juniper, coriander and ginger root on a journey away from the standard. We bring in an Australian native lemon myrtle and subtle notes of green tea, vanilla and lavender to soften the finish and draw out flavour depth on the palate.”

2 x Tonic No 8 by Strangelove (180ml) – “A hard-hitting Indian tonic water, …cinchona extract with bitter orange and lemon peel… Finished with a hint of juniper.”