2015 Agly Brothers, Cotes du Roussillon


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Michel Chapoutier and Ron Laughton met in the mid 90’s and shared beliefs and passion for winemaking. The partnership was born in vineyards located in Heathcote. On the red earth soil from the Cambrian period, the vine must live off its own resources and follow the rules of biodynamic farming and respect the cycle of nature. Quality is preferred to quantity.
In France, near the Agly river in the Roussillon region. On the heights overlooking, the land is rough, almost hostile. Michel Chapoutier decided it would be the birthplace of a new wine and decided to invite Ron to work on this project out of friendship and reciprocity. Here the two ‘brothers’ created a Grenache and Syrah blend. The Agly Brothers was born.

Grape variety: Syrah, Grenache
Nose: Very aromatic, black fruits aromas and spices.
Palate: Silky with leather and roasting notes.